Years Experience

Swastika Advertising is a company engaged in both outdoor and indoor advertising, established since 1999 domiciled in Pekanbaru - Riau Province. We stand by all our abilities to answer many questions. As we know, growth in a competitive market is not easy, but it becomes our challenge and motivation to move forward. Professionalism, good relations and a strong reputation make us able to grow and provide the best, because we care about the future.

Our Vision
1. Swastika became a growing and well-known company in Riau Province
2. Have professional management and help developing regions improve Riau's economy and resources
Our Mission
1. Become the best advertising company, elite, and socialize with the communities of Riau
2. Become a motivator for the regional economy
3. And become a leader for the advertising business in Riau Province
Without you, we are nothing, Grow image, get safety, People effort to increase occupation opportunity, to raise Riau development

swastika advertising pekanbaru

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